International children's day

14. června 2009 v 17:34 |  Integrace cizinců - Integration of foreigners

International children's day

Games for children and parents
different nationalities

On 2009 June 23th at 3 pm
in mother's center Klub maminek Broučci

Program: Competitions and games for children and their parents!

There is a playroom for children, snack bar, internet online.

Czech for foreigners!!!

From September 2009 offering Czech language courses

- the pilot project in the spere of development of multi-cultural field in our region.
Cooperate in the 4 parental center in north Moravia. The aim of the project is to integrate families of foreigners to the regional parent's center, where they will be in contact with Czech families. The target groups are parents, which take care of the children from 0 to 6 years from Czech and foreign cultural area. It is connected with concolidatior of civil society on Frýdek - Místek region level.

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Lichteinstein and Norway through the EEA Financial
Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism intermediated by the Civil Society
Development Foundation (NROS)


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